ESOS Lead Assessor - Anchor

ESOS Lead Assessor services for the UK’s largest housing association, Anchor.

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The Client

Anchor Housing Association (now known as Anchor) had been involved in the Major Energy Users’ Council behavioural change programme directed by John Mulholland of Mulholland Energy.

Because of this link, in 2015 Anchor asked John to be their ESOS Lead Assessor for Phase 1 of ESOS. Anchor have their own energy team who regularly conducted energy audits across their 1,200 properties. So they did not require an auditor but an accredited ESOS Lead Assessor to guide them in the ESOS process, to guide their energy team, write an Evidence Pack and advise on their notification to the Environment Agency.

The Reaction

I am happy for you to share this with potential clients as we were really happy with the service that you provided to help us prepare and sign off our ESOS Report in January 2016.Your knowledge and expertise helped us to improve our internal audit capability and to present the findings in a way that clearly identified opportunities to improve our energy efficiency.Your offer was competitive and your flexible approach, allowed us to use our own internal energy technicians, and differentiated you from your competition. I would have no hesitation in recommending you as a Lead Assessor for ESOS to any of your potential new clients. Mike Williams, Category Manager, Anchor

The Challenge

The challenge was to guide the UK’s largest housing association through the ESOS process to ensure a compliant submission and help to identify energy saving opportunities.

This involved:

  • Reviewing the energy data for 1,200 sites
  • Producing an ESOS strategy
  • Calculating the Total Energy Consumption (TEC) and Significant Energy Consumption (SEC) and de minimis exclusions
  • Providing a rationale in the selection of the number of audits to provide a representative sample
  • Reviewing past Energy Audit Reports and advising how they need to be upgraded to meet minimum Environment Agency requirements
  • Accompanied the internal auditor on a visit to one site to assist in the audit process
  • Reviewing and commenting on the final ESOS Energy Audit Reports produced by Anchor
  • Producing an Evidence Pack and Lead Assessor sign-off
  • Providing advice on the notification to the Environment Agency by the January 2016 deadline

The Results

The work was completed on time and to the full satisfaction of Anchor. The advice given on how to conduct ESOS compliant energy audit reports equipped the internal auditor to identify further energy savings opportunities and John Mulholland will be used by Anchor as their ESOS Lead Assessor in Phase 2.